Youth with a Mission


Youth with a Mission

Youth with a Mission is a mission team made up of both teenagers and adults from Nebo who have a heart for missions.  The group formed in 2008 after hearing about a need for volunteers at a home for children in Bolivia.  Since that time the group has traveled to Bolivia five times (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2019) to work on special projects at Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy in Guayaramerin, Bolivia.

On their first mission trip, in July of 2009, they built a playground for the children who reside in the home and also assisted in painting.  In August of 2011, they returned to Bolivia to help in the construction of an additional residence and educational facility for the children in Andrea’s Home.  During the 2013 trip, the team went with several doctors who provided services to the children who reside in Andrea’s Home as well as other community members in need of medical attention.  Several members of the team are nurses and other members were able to assist in various building projects as well as working with the children while they are there.

The group also traveled to western Pennsylvania in July of 2010 where they assisted in of remodeling an existing facility for disadvantaged youth.

The group is active throughout the year and sponsors a number of activities to help raise missions support as well as being involved in community service.  Membership is open to anyone involved in the church or community who has a desire to serve God through this mission outreach program.

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